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Central resource for news organizations covering COVID-19 vaccination efforts across the country.

Medical experts from the AAMC and its member medical schools, teaching hospitals, and health systems are available to provide the latest guidance on COVID-19 vaccines, safety protocols for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, and discuss other issues pertaining to COVID-19 vaccine confidence.

We are here to help answer your questions or schedule an interview with an AAMC expert.

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    Our AAMC experts, listed below, and local experts from AAMC medical schools and teaching hospitals and health systems are available for interviews.

    Janis M. Orlowski, MD, MACP
    Dr. Orlowski is the Chief Health Care Officer at the AAMC and a nephrologist treating patients including those with COVID-19—throughout the pandemic.
    Rosha McCoy
    Dr. McCoy is AAMC's Senior Director for Advancing Clinical Leadership & Quality, a Principal Investigator for the CDC Cooperative Agreement, and a pediatrician.
    Ross McKinney Jr.
    Dr. McKinney is a pediatric infectious disease expert and leads the AAMC’s programs supporting medical research and training.
    Atul Grover
    Dr. Grover leads the institute to convene experts to examine the most critical issues affecting the missions and institutions of academic medicine.
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    U.S. COVID-19 Data

    Follow the CDC’s COVID-19 Data Tracker for the latest data and information on vaccination administration.

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    Updated as of November 08, 2021

    Latest Guidance

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